"My little girl had bowen when she was just two days old, following a difficult birth leading to shoulder dystocia, which seemed to be giving her considerable discomfort in her shoulder, neck and head and leading to considerable vomiting and difficulty feeding. She also had some nerve damage to her face causing her difficulty in opening her eye and her mouth to droop."

She has had regular Bowen ever since this first session (she is now 20 months old) and we have seen considerable improvements in her from the start. The nerve damage in her face is no longer noticeable, she does not complain when her hair is washed or her hair brushed, uses both hands without problem and doesn't mind her shoulders begin touched. In fact, the last Bowen treatment she enjoyed so much she giggled throughout.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bowen for babies - I have seen dramatic and quick results and a much happier little girl.
Female 41

"I recommend Angela to friends, family and acquaintances . She is professional, highly effective, caring and intuitive. She has managed to resolve my very chronic lower back and neck problems, quickly, effectively and lastingly. Knowing she's there is a great relief. I am now back playing sport at the age of 58, something that was impossible for many years. I can recommend her wholeheartedly."
Female 58

"I was given Angela's details by a work colleague who suggested that she maybe able to help.
I had been trying to conceive for 12 months having had a miscarriage 18 months previously, I was also 43 and knew that I was running out of time or it was already too late. I had also booked up to start IVF treatment and was due to start taking the hormones etc. in September, something that I was apprehensive about - but determined to do if it meant I could have a child.

I first met Angela in the July - and we worked on a number of areas, talking, counselling and Bowen Therapy. I found the sessions to be a haven, and looked forward to them each week or fortnight. We spent time re-balancing me, helping me to relax and feel a lot less stressed about the whole situation.

Having returned from a short holiday in mid September and 2 days before my first IVF session I decided to take a pregnancy test, I was certain it was just my system playing up due to the flight and had been disappointed so many times before. To my amazement I was pregnant - I had to do 2 tests just to make sure!!

Having previously had a miscarriage at 9 weeks I was terrified that it would happen again - so again Angela helped me through each stage to maintain a sensible perspective. She was able to help my body accept the changes and my mind to relax and not focus on the 'what ifs'. We took each stage at a time and she worked with me throughout the pregnancy and with hindsight and talking to other mums - I had a VERY easy pregnancy!

I am convinced that without Angela's help I wouldn't have my beautiful son who whilst exhausting at times has made my life complete."
Female 45

"Angela's treatments have consistently relieved any and all symptoms with which I have presented and her holistic approach to healing goes reassuringly deep, bringing an enlightened awareness of how many aspects of life affect the physical being."
Male 55

"A friend recommended Bowen treatment for a long standing niggly ankle problem after a torn Achilles tendon. After only 3 visits, my ankle improved. During my treatments my general health was covered and Angela even helped to make my heavy periods substantially lighter!! An added bonus."
Female 45

"I'd be happy to write a testimonial for you, having benefited so much from my treatment for frozen shoulder."
Female 49

"I went to see Angela with a very painful shoulder. I had severely limited movement and could not raise my arm beyond the horizontal nor could I put it behind my back. After some sessions with Angela, I regained complete movement. Not only this, but she seemed to take me on a journey of personal discovery which was very helpful at a time of transformation in my life. She was gentle but highly effective and I would recommend her Practice to anyone."
Female 49

"Received Bowen treatment of 4-5 sessions for lower back ache and felt relief after the first session and it was fully rectified after the third. It was also a very relaxing and interesting experience."
Martial Arts Practitioner, male 49

"For the last 12 months Bowen Therapy has been offered and the majority of our group have taken advantage of this. The feedback we have received has been very positive helping clients cope with both withdrawal symptoms and cravings as well as other health problems they may be suffering from.

One client told me that the Bowen Therapy was instrumental in him stopping his drug use after many years of drug addiction and many previous attempts to stop. Another client stated 'it's a mystery that it works. It has really helped me with the stress and anxiety of coming off drugs.'"
Probation Officer working with drug users

"My painful frozen shoulder was quickly mobile again after only one Bowen treatment from Angela. "
Female 67

"I have quite a severe scoliosis of the lower spine, pushing to my left. In May 2001 I had an unrelated bilateral hip replacement.
Both of these conditions have over the years caused a good deal of pain. More back related. I have tried every form treatment/healing that I know/knew of.
18 months ago, my wife suggested that I should try something else & suggested Bowen treatment.
This was new to me, something I had never heard of. Due to lack of success with other treatments, I was, as ever, a total sceptic (been there, done it etc).
However, I am also willing to give something new a try, once at least. An appointment was made to see Angela Casey based in Glastonbury, not far from where I live.
Angela's demeanor was such that I was put at ease straight away .. Why should I not have been? This wasn't going to work anyway!
Bowen was explained to me in its basic form. My reaction was that yet again I was wasting my time!
I was informed that I would be wondering what on earth was happening, with Bowen's subtle touch & muscle movement. Indeed I did! I took a course of initially 4 treatments on consecutive weeks. I cannot begin to explain fully the improvement in my conditions. Pain was eased, muscle function was returning correctly without pain. Without a doubt this had an overall positive effect on my wellbeing. I continue to have one treatment a month, just to make sure things are ticking over as they should.
A small relapse causing further back & leg pain has recently been corrected by Angela's treatment.
I would not hesitate to recommend Bowen to anyone suffering similar ailments. I am staggered at its effectiveness & I promise I am not easily impressed!
Should you feel that you have tried everything, I tell you now, you have not until having given Bowen a try. Very highly recommended!"
Male 52

"I suffered from bad restless legs during my pregnancy to the extent that I couldn't go out in the evening as I couldn't sit still. Almost every evening I had to go to bed much earlier than I would have chosen just to get some relief by going to sleep. I was at my wits end as they were making any relaxing leisure time in the evening impossible.

After one treatment of Bowen the symptoms disappeared never to return even when I was heavily pregnant. Despite all the information in pregnancy books indicating that if you have restless legs there's very little you can do about them I found Bowen to be the cure for me and would recommend anyone in a similar situation to give it a go. It improved my quality of life enormously!"
Female 39

"I went to Angela for treatment three years ago when I was suffering with very severe period pains. I had three sessions and couldn't believe it when I had almost no pain at all the following month. I have the occasional top-up treatment and I continue to stay well and pain-free."
Female 36

"Just ... to say that the Bowen helped ENORMOUSLY with the tendonitis ... so much more comfortable an 80% reduction in pain - brilliant!"
Female 39

"I had a frozen shoulder for fifteen weeks that had caused me continuous pain, discomfort, and had prevented me from sleeping. There was very little movement in my arm and this was causing me problems in my day to day tasks. After my first session I was able to lie down that night without pain, and had more sleep than for many weeks. I also could see a clear increase in the amount of movement in my arm. After two more sessions I was able to lift my arm above my head and the relief of not having pain was incredible.

Although I went to Bowen for a frozen shoulder I also noticed a distinct difference in my energy levels and having suffered with M.E for many years I was amazed that something at last seemed to be also helping this. From this point I began to have regular monthly sessions and for the first time in many, many years, was able to start feeling 'alive' again."
Female 55

"I had a painful ankle for several years. I was a keen walker and found myself always walking with my foot tilted to one side to alleviate the pain. I had physiotherapy and had special inserts for my shoes, but nothing made it any better. I had two sessions of Bowen on the ankle and two weeks later the pain was gone and has not returned."
Female 47

"My son received Bowen treatment from Angela for stress related problems. He was 15 at the time. Angela's therapy enabled him to become calmer, relaxed and more confident. The Bowen therapy prevented my son having to take any medication for his problems, this has to be a really good thing."

"Initially I came to Angela for treatment on a shoulder injury, but her unique mix of Bowen, Healing and Stress Management created a truly safe, compassionate, and healing environment, that has been enormously valuable and empowering for me."
Female 52

"I have had Bowen treatment with Angela over a period of years mainly for Arthritic problems...

This has been very beneficial and something that I find extremely pleasant and relaxing, with a very high standard of care and consideration..."
Female 76

"I have been treated by Angela Casey for a number of years. She has helped my back and neck problems, she is extremely professional and has been a great help with healing when my husband was dying with cancer. I can recommend her without reserve."
Female 72

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