Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have treatment if I am already having treatment from my doctor?

Yes, all the treatments I offer can support any conventional treatment you may be having. They are not a substitute for medical care.

If you have a serious condition, or have recently had a major intervention such as chemotherapy or surgery, please tell the person in charge of your treatment that you are considering Bowen/Healing/Reiki.

Do I need to have a health problem to have treatment?

No, absolutely not.

All the treatments I offer are very relaxing to receive, and provide a wonderful opportunity for your body to let go of all the hurry and worry.

Some people like to book a regular session as a way of having time to themselves and an opportunity to reconnect with peace and quiet.

Regular treatments can be a excellent way to support well-being and good health, and can provide an oasis of calm in a busy life.

I have never had treatment before. What can I expect?

You will be invited to tell me about any health problems you have, and I will take detailed notes and fill in a confidential record sheet. If you are taking medication, it is helpful if you bring a list of your current medication with you. I will then ask you to sign a form giving your consent to the treatment you have chosen.

You will be offered the opportunity to use the toilet before treatment starts, and helped to get comfortable on the couch with a fleece blanket.

(Please be aware the toilet is on the first floor. If you have more serious mobility problems, you will not be able to access it.)

If you need to change into looser clothes, you will be given privacy to do this.

At the end of treatment you will again be given privacy to change or tidy yourself.

I am anxious about telling a stranger about my problems.

It's a natural concern, but you do not need to worry. I work to a strict code of ethics drawn up by my professional organisations. Confidentiality is a top priority.

Do I have to take off my clothes?

Bowen is normally given through light clothing. You will always be given a fleece blanket to put over yourself on the couch, and you will be kept well covered during treatment. Your privacy will be respected at all times.

Sometimes people need to change into looser clothing for the session. You will be given privacy to do this.

On rare occasions I might prefer to work briefly directly on skin. I will always ask your permission for this.

Healing and Reiki are always given through clothing. You will only be asked to remove outdoor clothing and shoes.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatments I offer are deeply relaxing and very gentle. There is no heavy pressure and there are no forceful moves, so it is very unlikely that you will find they are uncomfortable to receive.

If you have certain areas of pain or discomfort then I will take particular care to treat those areas very carefully. If anything hurts, please say so.

How will I feel after treatment?

Your body will need time to absorb your treatment. During the first 24 to 48 hours you may find yourself feeling a little tired, aching or out of sorts. Try not to push yourself if you are tired, and drink plenty of water.

Try not to arrange an appointment on a day when you will have other big demands on your energy eg children's party, major gym session, interview etc.

I can't lie comfortably on my front/back.

I may be able to get you comfortable with cushions or other support. But if you are still uncomfortable despite my best efforts, you can have treatment seated, standing or side-lying. There's always an alternative way of doing things.

I'm worried I may go to sleep and/or snore.

You wouldn't be the first. This is not a problem at all; it simply shows that you are very relaxed.

What if treatment makes my problem feel worse?

Sometimes people might find that their existing symptoms are temporarily exaggerated after treatment. For example, if you have a back problem the pain may move to another spot for a while, or it may feel a little more intense for a day or so. This is quite fact I see that as a good sign that things are shifting and changing. If you are at all worried after treatment, please don't hesitate to call.

Can I have treatment if I am pregnant?

Yes, but I do need to be aware if you are pregnant, or if it is possible that you might be (and rest assured that anything you say is strictly confidential).

Bowen, Healing and Reiki are particularly gentle. If you are uncomfortable lying down, you may prefer a seated or side-lying treatment. I can even treat you standing if that is better.

Can children be treated?

Yes, children and babies of all ages can have treatment.

Please bear in mind that the law requires that a child must have been seen by a mainstream health professional for that particular condition before consulting a complementary therapist for treatment. Parental consent is required for the treatment of any young person under the age of 16, and the parent or guardian will be asked to remain in the room.

Vulnerable adults

I am very happy to treat vulnerable adults, but I do make it a requirement of treatment that a carer or other responsible adult remains in the room during treatment.

I am fully CRB checked (Advanced Disclosure)

What about people with disabilities?

Yes absolutely, you are most welcome. But if you use a chair or sticks, please be aware there are a total of 3 low steps in the front garden.

If you use a wheelchair, you might want to consider remaining in your chair for treatment, if transferring to the couch is an awkward chore.

The toilet is on the first floor. Those with more serious mobility problems will not be able to access it. You will need to make sure you are comfortable before arrival.

Do I need to tell my doctor I'm having treatment?

If you are aged 16 or over, you are not required by law to tell your doctor but you may wish to tell them anyway. I can always send them some information about the therapies I offer, but I will not discuss you or your case with them without your prior consent.

How do I book an appointment?

Please book an appointment by phone or e-mail. I will email you confirmation (or send by post if you prefer) with directions on how to find me.

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone is different and we all respond differently to treatment.

As a rule of thumb, I ask clients to commit to 3 sessions. Within that time we will be able to see whether there are changes taking place. After 3 sessions we will decide together either how to proceed, or whether indeed any more sessions are needed at all.

I do not offer single one-off sessions of Bowen except in "emergency" situations.

How much does it cost?

For information on prices and how to pay please see Booking & Prices.

Do you offer evening or weekend appointments?

I don't offer these as standard. However, if it's simply not possible to get to me for a weekday session, I am happy to discuss other options. I do generally make an extra charge for these appointments.

How long is a treatment?

Treatments are about an hour in total. Sometimes a little longer. Short-slot treatments (see below) are 30 minutes.

Make sure you allow enough time not to feel pressured.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

If you need to cancel an appointment please let me know at your earliest opportunity, giving me at least 24 hours notice if possible. If you need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you may be charged half the treatment price. If you miss an appointment without contacting me, then you may be charged the full price. (Sudden illness, accident and emergency excepted of course)

Do you offer a mobile service?

If you have mobility or health problems that make it difficult for you to visit me, you may need a home treatment. There is an extra charge for this service, depending on distance.

Do you offer concessions?

I offer "short-slot" treatments (30 minutes).

This is the recommended session length for children and youngsters, but can also be a practical solution for those on limited budgets, or for those with limited time who prefer a shorter no-frills session.

Much can still be achieved within the shorter time-frame, but there will necessarily be a somewhat less leisured approach.

Please be aware that the initial treatment for everyone (including children) will need to be a standard length full-price treatment.

If you have particular financial concerns, please speak to me.

What is parking like?

There is a dedicated parking space about 50 metres from the house. Or on-street parking as available.

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