What is it?

A gentle, holistic therapy, in which the therapist makes light finger or thumb movements at particular locations on the body.

Treatment is usually given through light indoor clothing.

Movements are made on soft tissue only (not on bones) and do not involve forceful moves of any kind.

Bowen is a pleasure to receive and is gently restorative.

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What is it good for?

Bowen is truly holistic. It treats you as a complete person. Any symptoms or problems you might have are a part of the wider pattern of who you are.

If you would like to know how some of my clients have felt about treatment from me please go to Testimonials.

For further general information about how Bowen might benefit you, click on the links to the Bowen Therapy Professional Association and the European College of Bowen Studies on the right.

Who can have treatment?

Men, women and children of all ages. Even small babies or the very frail or elderly.

What about people with disabilities?

Yes absolutely, you are most welcome. But if you use a chair or sticks, please be aware there are a total of 3 low steps in the front garden.

If you use a wheelchair, you might want to consider remaining in your chair for treatment, if transferring to the couch is an awkward chore.

The toilet is on the first floor. Those with more serious mobility problems will not be able to access it.

How effective is it?

My personal experience is that it is very effective. Some 8 or 9 people out of every 10 I treat respond well to Bowen.

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How many treatments are involved?

Within 2 or 3 treatments we will be able to see if things are changing...and that may well be all you need for straightforward problems.

For complex or long-standing conditions we might need to consider further sessions or "maintenance" treatment. Individual cases are all different.

Some people like to have regular sessions simply for the deep relaxation and feeling of well-being they provide, and to find an oasis of calm in a busy life.

Regular Bowen sessions can be a wonderful contribution to a healthier lifestyle.

Please note:

Unlike many other treatments, Bowen treatment is not given on a "one-off" basis except in emergencies. If you are booking treatments, two treatments are generally the minimum requirement in the first instance.

Bowen is not a substitute for medical care. Please consult your doctor.

How long is a treatment?

Typically 60-75 minutes (inclusive of consultation).

If you wish to book a session for a child:

As the law stands at present a child must have been seen by a mainstream health professional for that particular condition before consulting a complementary therapist for treatment. Parental consent is required for the treatment of any young person under the age of sixteen, and the parent or guardian will be asked to remain in the room.

I am the mother of a large family, and very experienced in the treatment of children, including those with disabilities.

How to book:

Please book an appointment by phone or e-mail or message me on Facebook. I will email you confirmation (or send by post if you prefer) with directions on how to find me.

For information on prices and how to pay please see Booking & Prices.

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